What does Peers and Peers do?

We engineer education: we look for opportunities to ensure education links to engineering and industry.

What are the aims of education?

Few would argue that education should prepare the young for life. And some will also agree that work and jobs are a major part of that future life. The link between industry and education, however, is often weak. Government policy in the UK addresses this by encouraging employers and educators to connect. There are, however, many practical issues and barriers, particularly with regards to making science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) relevant to learners and to employers.

Engineering Education

Peers and Peers has been set up to support educators to overcome some of those issues. Working with partners and for relevant organisations, all my work is centred around STEM, particularly engineering and mathematics, and supporting learners to reach exciting destinations in STEM-related industries.


This is a new website and a work in progress. Contact me to find out more about what Peers and Peers does to engineer education. Welcome!

Dr Sarah Peers


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